Alexis Rodriguez Graduates from Harvard

Posted by The Face of Chicago Business on 6/3/21 8:00 AM

Congratulations to Alexis Rodriguez for receiving her Masters Degree in Digital Media Design from Harvard University; and to the entire graduating class of 2021. 

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Originally from the east coast, Alexis Rodriguez quickly fell in love with our vibrant city and has since called it home. As a solutions engineer for HubSpot by day, Alexis has been a part of The Face of the Chicago Business since its inception. Through her experience in the digital marketing space, she has helped transform The Face of Chicago Business from an idea to the community being formed today. Anyone who meets Alexis would tell you she's not only one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, she's also one of the smartest.

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With two Ivy League degrees from Cornell and Harvard, Alexis helped build The Face of Chicago Business in part with Harvard University as part of her capstone project for her Masters in Digital Media Design. As a Latina, Alexis is committed to propelling women of color to reach their highest potential through education, community and self development and has built that into every facet of our platform. She is currently leading The Face of Latina Professionals group, creating an international community for Latinas, giving Latinas a voice like never before. She is also a co-host on The Face of Chicago Business podcasts where she shares Chicagoans’ stories to create meaningful dialogue that evokes positive change in our communities.



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