Dustin Drankiewicz's Journey: From Wisconsin to Chicago's Hospitality Industry

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jan 23, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Dustin Drankiewicz, a Chicago-based hospitality professional, recounts his journey from Milwaukee to Chicago on the latest episode of The Chicagoan Podcast.

The Chicagoan | Guest Episode | Dustin Drankiewicz

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Drankiewicz's childhood was marked by a move to a small town, where he and his siblings were sent to avoid getting into trouble. But despite the idyllic setting, Drankiewicz found that boredom led to mischief and he quickly became an outsider in the tight-knit community.

After graduating high school, Drankiewicz returned to Milwaukee, but he quickly realized that there were limited opportunities in the small town. 

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His first job was at the only sit-down restaurant in town, where he met his first boss, Chuck Bubis, who had a thick Midwest accent that Drankiewicz found both amusing and intriguing. Bubis, who has since passed away, taught Drankiewicz the importance of hard work and instilled in him a strong work ethic that has stayed with him to this day.

Despite the humble beginnings, Drankiewicz found that working in the hospitality industry had its rewards. He was able to make money, buy things, and learn new skills. 

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He quickly moved up the ranks, starting as a dishwasher and eventually becoming a server and a prep cook. He was able to take on more shifts and learn new skills as he became more interested in the industry.

Drankiewicz's experience at the restaurant also taught him the importance of being nice to customers. He recounts how he would put on a silly Polish accent and be friendly to customers, which led to bigger tips and better job opportunities. He learned that there were immediate benefits to being nice, even if it wasn't his natural personality.

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Dustin's journey from Milwaukee to Chicago is a story of hard work, determination, and the rewards of the hospitality industry. 

His experience in a small town taught him the importance of hard work, and his time in the restaurant industry instilled in him a strong work ethic and the value of being nice to customers. His story is a testament to the power of taking chances and making the most out of every opportunity.