Chef's Corner: Cameron Grant

Posted by on 2/25/21 8:00 AM

Osteria Langhe in Logan Square celebrates the authentic flavors and culture of Piedmont, Italy. Chef Cameron Grant's shares his inspiration, passion and love of cooking with us.

2824 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

“I fell in love with food when I was a little boy.  Where I grew up, in Perth, Scotland, I  lived there until I was 12, we had a huge vegetable garden with red currants, peas, strawberries, potatoes, leeks, carrots and so many other things I couldn’t possibly list off right now. That got me really excited. Also, my dad and I went hunting for grouse, pheasant, deer, and venison.

I never cooked until I moved to college and I had to prepare (my) meals. I made my mom teach me how to cook my favorite meals and I really enjoyed it. I started cooking for Thanksgivings, for people at school and  I started working at University in Tacoma Washington Puget Sound.  After college, instead of becoming an author with an English major, I decided to start cooking full-time and I never looked back.

With my culinary school, Johnson & Wales, I was working at an Italian restaurant in Colorado. They were friends with a winemaker in Piemonte, and he was friends with a chef. Their relationship allowed me to go do an internship and I staged at a Michelin star restaurant for 3 months. I fell in love with the area, I fell in love with the wines. I just had an amazing experience that changed my life. I shared a room with a gentleman upstairs who ran their wine cellar and five years later he called me on the phone and said would you like to open a restaurant in Treiso, which was the exact same town as the Michelin starred restaurant that I trained at.. I said yes. So, I moved out with my wife and my dog and we went for it. We moved and we did it. It was an amazing adventure. 

I hope people come to Osteria Langhe to experience what it would be like to dine in Piemonte. You have two people that give everything towards it to create an experience that would make it enjoyable for the guests so that alone, is worthy of coming to try to see what you think. 

Great food. Great service. Great wine. Just come and do what people in Italy would do: talk, drink and eat.”


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