Building Bridges: A Tale of Technology and Tradition

Posted by Estefanía Galvan on May 25, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Chicago, IL - Join us for an extraordinary and immersive fashion show experience on Saturday, June 3, 2023, from 7pm to 11pm at WNDR Museum. After Hours, presented by The MŌS Brand in partnership with Wolve Productions and the WNDR Museum, promises to be a one-of-a-kind affair that blends the realms of technology, tradition, fashion, art, and production into an unforgettable event.


Esteemed fashion designer Estefania Galvan, renowned for her visionary creations, invites you to witness the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship. The MŌS Brand's innovative collection will take center stage, where each thread intricately weaves a unique story, bridging the gap between the past and the future.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds. After Hours is a space where collaborations are ignited, conversations flow freely, and profound connections are made. It is an event that encourages attendees to embrace their true colors, celebrating self-expression in its purest form. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, an art aficionado, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, CRE ATE TIVE After Hours is the place to be.

Style Interpreted | Episode Cover | Estefanía Galvan

To secure your spot at this unmissable event, we invite you to reserve your tickets now. Simply visit [CLICK HERE] to purchase your tickets directly. Limited availability, so act fast to guarantee your entry into this realm of limitless creativity.

But that's not all. After Hours will feature an array of activations and performances to enhance your experience. We are proud to announce our sponsors, who have joined forces with us to make this event even more extraordinary. Special thanks to Don Julio, Mobi Color, Uncle Nearest, Blazy Susan, Fantastic 3D Fashion, Ascend Wellness, and Sesh City for their invaluable support.

Event Producers Network | [hosted by] Estefania Galvan - Ashley Wolve

Expect a night filled with complimentary cocktails, coloring activations, live painting, and an immersive fashion show that will transport you to a world where dreams become reality. The event will be further enlivened by a captivating live performance by @boomanforever and the Sesh Bus.

After Hours has been curated with inclusivity, immersion, and interactivity in mind. It is a space where attendees can foster new connections and celebrate the power of self-expression.

Please note that this event is strictly for guests aged 21 and above. Remember to bring a valid ID for entry.

Event Producers Network | [hosted by] Estefania Galvan - Paulina Herrera

Join us at CRE ATE TIVE After Hours and let your true colors shine!

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Estefania Galvan
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About The MŌS Brand:
The MŌS Brand is an innovative fashion label led by visionary designer Estefania Galvan. Known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, The MŌS Brand merges cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to create exquisite and thought-provoking collections.

About Wolve Productions:
Wolve Productions is a leading event production company known for curating immersive and captivating experiences. With a passion for storytelling, Wolve Productions creates events that transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impact.

About WNDR Museum:
The WNDR Museum is an interactive art destination that offers unique and engaging experiences, blurring the lines between art, technology, and culture.