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Posted by TFOCB Studios on November 30, 2022 8:00:00 AM CST

Kerri Rose has been performing her entire life. A dancer from the age of two years old, Kerri has been dancing and performing in theater, and has recently set her sights on the small screen. She joins us to share her professional acting journey and how she’s navigated moving to new cities and starting a family along the way. 

EVOKED | Guest Episode | Kerri Rose

Since auditioning for Peter Pan in the fifth grade, she’s landed some television roles and continues to audition for new opportunities. She shares where her love for acting started and continued to develop beyond college. 

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“The woman who directed Peter Pan was a new acting coach and director in the area.She was directing the fifth grade play for the elementary school, but also directing things in community theater. She was such a great coach for me and so I started doing her shows in community theater. Then she helped train me for college and my college auditions.”

Every actor has their unique approach to taking on their given roles. Kerri shares how she views her assignments and the work involved to connect with her character. 

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“I really like relating to people. It's therapeutic for me to take on roles and to put myself out there. If a character is going through something really tough, how can I relate to that person, put myself all into that, to have others receive it back?”

Tune in to hear more on Kerri’s story from her acting to her family life and the lessons learned along the way.



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