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Posted by TFOCB Studios on Oct 3, 2022 1:46:24 PM

Ana Gil Garcia is the Executive Director of Academic Effectiveness at St. Augustine College and Founder and Director of Illinois Venezuelan Alliance. Originally from Isla de Margarita, part of Venezuela, she was born and raised on this Caribbean Island about 25 miles north of the mainland. 

The Face of Latina Professionals | Social Media | Ana Gil Garcia

Though both parents were supportive of their children’s endeavors, it was Ana Gil’s mother that would require all her children to attend college. Wanting to teach biology, Ana Gil had a strong desire to be in the classroom.

After studying in the main city of Caracas, Venezuela, she’d be the recipient of a scholarship that would send her to the United States.

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Now a five-time Fulbright US Scholar, and a published author, her lobbying for Latino leadership parity, equity in education and digital access for Latinos in education crystallized on the launch of a principal endorsement program for Latino teachers to close the existing gap in Chicago Public Schools. 

She co-founded the Illinois Latino Coalition of Education Leaders (ILCEL) to maximize efforts in Latino educational issues and the Illinois Venezuelan Alliance to denounce the existing Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. She is one of the Rotary International faces of the “Humanity in Action” campaign to fight poverty. Her defense of democracy and social justice are recognized by diverse human rights groups.

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Tune in to hear more about how Ana Gil is active in supporting the Latino community and bringing education to areas that need it most.