The Legal Network | Veronica Campos

Posted by The Legal Network on 10/4/21 8:00 AM

Veronica Campos, Attorney at Law, joins us on our first episode of The Legal Network. A podcast meant to bring together these advocates of justice to share their story. 

the legal network episode- veronica campos

Veronica’s story is one of overcoming adversity and finding her strength and inspiration in her immigrant mother who went back to school as a mom of two. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a lawyer with the goal of helping other people. 

After working her butt off to try and get into law school, law kind of took a back seat after she had her daughter and discovered an incredible eBay side hustle. Almost ready to throw in the towel on school and open up a brick and mortar store for her eBay venture, Veronica tried one more time and was accepted.

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She dabbled in a couple of different types of practices before finding what she brought to our Chicago community - a lawyer for the Spanish speaking members of our neighborhoods who needed a lawyer who could understand them. Linguistically and culturally:

 “I found the way to serve my community and there are different ways to serve it.” 

She tells a beautiful story of helping a man gain custody of his son and how that has compelled her to become a huge advocate for fathers’ rights. Along the way, she added real estate law and bankruptcy to her repertoire. The most important thing for Veronica, regardless of which branch a case falls under, is preserving the family. 

“These are families that still have to go on living after the court case is over.”

Veronica shares her beautiful and inspiring story of how she went from a daughter of immigrants growing up in Chicago to a powerhouse attorney helping families navigate some of their most difficult times on our inaugural episode of The Legal Network.