Alexandra Hoerr

Posted by Mind Reboot on Oct 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Alexandra Hoerr sits down on this episode of the Mind Reboot Podcast to tell us more about her journey in the mental health space and about her company Optimum Joy.

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Growing up on a farm in Northeast, Missouri, Alex and her family were excommunicated from their religious community when she was around 16/17 years old. It was a significantly lonely time for her but she discusses how it lent itself to truly understanding who she was from a spiritual component. 

She goes on to tell us how a woman in her life played a huge role in helping her through a very difficult time. While the woman wasn’t a therapist, it planted the seed in Alex’s mind from an early stage that perhaps she, too, wanted to go into a profession to help others. 

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“So it wasn't like I just had this dream and I went out for it. It was more like step-by-step, that it really was revealed to me.”

Alex got her start in community mental health working with under-resourced neighborhoods. After experiencing burn out, quitting her job, and living on her sister’s couch for a while, she dug deep into what it is she really wanted to do.

“I really just started to kind of think up who am I, what are my values? What do I want this to be? And to really kind of create what is a for-profit business, but one that does a lot of good and really supports people's growth.”



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