Javier Gutierrez

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Dec 27, 2021 8:00:00 AM

On the first episode of the Pro Fitness podcast, Javier Gutierrez sits down and shares his story and his passion about fitness.

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Some will call him a personal trainer, but to Javier, it’s a bit more than that. 

“I'm a personal trainer, I'm a coach. I will help you with your health, with your fitness, with your nutrition, with your mindset.”

Living in Mexico for 10 years to play professional basketball and baseball, Javier fell in love with the camaraderie of being involved in a team sport. So when that chapter of his life closed, he gravitated towards coaching others.

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He approaches his clients in a very personalized way whether he’s working with an 80-year-old person or a professional athlete. 

“My philosophy is finding what it is that person needs the most. Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don't really know it. And really just getting to them to live a better functional life. Moving.”

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The biggest piece of advice he gives people who first begin working with him is, you have to be patient. 

“My approach is always telling people, just be patient with me. Just understand that, that first month, it's building habits and understand that it's a long process. I've been doing it for 10 years. I haven't stopped.”

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Javier shares stories of his own struggles throughout the years from family to finances and how he was able to mentally overcome the things that were holding him back. Everything he’s learned through experience and hardship he passes on to his clients to help them dig into being truly honest with themselves to accomplish their goals. 

Tune in on this inaugural episode of the ProFitness podcast to learn more about Javier’s story and his advice on how to reach your optimal health goals.