Caroline Chambers: From Non-Profit Professional to Real Estate Mogul

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Dec 13, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Caroline Chambers, a Real Estate Broker originally from the Chicagoland area, particularly Downers Grove, is our guest on this episode of "The Real Estate Moguls Podcast."

Real Estate Moguls | Guest Episode | Caroline Chambers

Caroline has a deep love for Chicago and has been living in the city for longer than she did in the suburbs, making her a true city person. 

She came to the city in her twenties and fell in love with it, despite initially thinking it would be a temporary stay. Caroline believes that Chicago has a bit of a public relations problem, but emphasizes that if you live here, you realize that it's a great city and a gem.

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Caroline's career in real estate wasn't her first profession. After college in the nineties, when the job market wasn't great, she worked a variety of different jobs, mostly in non-for-profit work. 

She worked with people with disabilities in recreation therapy, taught special Olympic tennis, and did a lot of work towards inclusion for people with disabilities. She also worked as a job coach and found jobs for people with disabilities.

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Caroline eventually came to the city and worked for Misericordia Home, a large non-profit on the north side of Chicago, where she was promoted to the director of volunteers and in-house. 

She handled a lot of their fundraisers and their candy days, which is a great organization. 

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After working there for a while, she decided to transition into real estate, and it's been a natural fit for her. She loves the city and loves helping people find their perfect home in it.