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Posted by Jennifer Hernandez on 7/21/21 8:00 AM

Jennifer Hernandez of Loan Depot sits down with Amanda Stapleton, Nia Crawford and Shevon Johnson to discuss the home buying process for first time buyers.

As a first time home buyer or investor, it can be difficult navigating the real estate market. As Amanda Stapleton point out, it's important to work with agents who are going to take care of you and help you throughout the entire process.

"As a listing agent, I'm noticing that a lot of first time buyers are coming to properties by themselves, without a realtor. They're going to inspections by themselves. As a first time buyer, you should be getting that support from your real estate agent.You shouldn't be showing up to an open house or looking at a property without your realtor."

It's also important to choose an experienced real estate broker with a reputation that precedes her or him, as Jennifer Hernandez explains. "When you're putting in those offers, they're looking up the agent to see how many deals they've closed. And if you're, you know, if you're working with a newer agent, you might want to work with a more seasoned one, This market, right now, is a really difficult one which none of us have really experienced quite before."

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But as Jennifer explains, as long as you are working with the right team of brokers, lenders and attorneys there is no fear to investing in real estate - regardless of your experience or economic situation.

"Don't be fearful apply today. Don't think you're a credit specialist. Let the professionals advise you on what you need to do to get in a home and don't ever take no for an answer just because they could not do it down the street."


Jennifer Hernandez

Orland Park native, Jennifer Hernandez is a self-made woman. Growing up in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs, Jennifer started hanging out with a rough crowd as a teenager and was kicked out of school.  By the time she was 20, she was a mom to a baby girl, Destiny, and knew that she wanted to create a better life for her and her daughter. With grit, determination, and a lot of hustle, Jennifer set off to make her way despite being faced with adversity.

Jennifer found herself trying to establish her career in various male-dominated industries from the car business to mortgage. At one point she worked in a community that was made up of people from a different ethnic background. She face discrimination from the neighborhood and the company she worked for at the time. No matter what life threw at her, though, she never gave up. 

Currently, Jennifer is a branch manager at her own Loan Depot location, committed to keeping her clients informed throughout the loan process, answering questions, and eliminating as much hassle as possible. In her free time, she sits on the board of The Love, Unity, & Values Institute and mentors the youth of the Chicago community.

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