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Posted by Real Estate Moguls on 11/2/21 8:00 AM

Jonathan Klem, from Quality Builders, sits down on this episode of the Real Estate Moguls podcast to share his expertise and provide value to our listeners around the investor side of real estate.

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At some point, Jonathan moved to Louisville and knew he didn’t want to pay rent anymore. He bought a house, decided to flip it while moving to Norway, and when he got back, he sold it. At that point, he moved back to Chicago and decided to double down into the Chicago real estate game. 

“I think everything kind of built up to that point after flipping that first house in Louisville. I've always been more of the jump out of the plane and build your parachute on the way down.”

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Various parts of his life leading up to diving head first into real estate investment have paved the way for his success. He spent time in construction working for Walsh Construction Group and a couple of years working for the tech company Nest Egg. Both gave him insights into technology and construction and how both are changing the world. 

“Real estate itself is light years behind other industries, as far as technology goes. And construction, even further behind. And so the two things we’re really stressing at Quality Builders is technology and transparency.”

One of the biggest lessons Jonathan has learned along the way is to conquer your mindset and lean into your fears. 

“Once you can conquer your mindset and lean into those fears is when you can really experience some serious growth and expansion.”

Tune in to learn more about how Jonathan works with his investors, what he’s looking for in an investor profile, and more advice on how to be successful in the Chicago real estate market.



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