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Posted by The Real Estate Mogul on 5/25/21 8:00 AM

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When most people meet Sidrah, they see a realtor who can help them buy or sell their dream home. What they usually don’t know about her is that she started out in interior design helping to create the inside of people’s dream homes. This creativity has lent itself as a perfect complement to her foray into the real estate industry.

She realized when she started helping her clients purchase fixer uppers that most people have a difficult time visualizing the space the way they want it to look. Her creativity has led to gaining her clients’ trust in her guidance of how to work with the space they will eventually buy. 

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Sidrah shares that her current profession was prophesied back in middle school. Around that time, the internet became a thing and she helped her parents find their first house. She’d set up the tours and send them the locations. Inevitably, they purchased a home she found for them. 

Before she found her love and passion for interior design and real estate, Sidrah spent some grueling years in Corporate America. Little sleep and much stress led to her development of Bell's Palsy, a condition that paralyzes your face. For Sidrah it affected the entire left side of her body with the exception of her leg. Her recovery was a turning point for her and consisted of self-care and meditation. 

She finally quit her Corporate job and remembered her epiphany from seventh grade:

“It all connected for me. I started shadowing a real estate broker.”

Listen in and hear more about Sidrah’s story and how she struggled through her 20s with Bells’ Palsy and how it led her to redefine her approach to life, her body and her career. 



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