Real Estate Broker | Tania Castrejon

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Dec 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Tania Castrejon is a Real Estate Broker with Duarte Realty. Originally from DeKalb, Illinois, Tania would spend the first part of her life living in Mexico before returning home at the age of eight. Despite her strong connection to her roots, she would go on to serve her country in the U.S. National Guard and has done so for the past 10 years. 

Real Estate Moguls | Tania Castrejon

It wasn’t until Tania made two attempts to purchase a home that she made the decision to pursue her real estate brokers license. Living at her mother’s house, because the deal to purchase her home had gone down the drain, Tania found herself scrolling through her phone. 

“I came across the course, so I bought the course. I thought that if I could convince people to join the army, I could probably sell a house. So that's pretty much it. I took the course and everything else from there fell into place.”

The Face of Latina Professionals

Though not initially set on pursuing a career in real estate full time, it didn’t take long before business picked up. At that point Tania made the transition from full time Army Recruiter to full time Real Estate Broker.

Nothing in life has come easy for Tania, but her strong work ethic and commitment to serve others has contributed to her success early in real estate. In addition to selling real estate, she also invests in rental properties. She offers insight on how she’s created genuine relationships and established herself as a resource with her clients through social media

ProVeterans Podcast

“I try to showcase a lot of the things that I normally do day-to-day and not so much just the professional side. I think that's really helped me build a little bit of a following, but also connect with my clients on a more personal level and not so much on the professional side.”

Tune in to hear more about Tania’s life serving her community through real estate and serving her country through her service in the National Guard.