Brand Launch | Private Event Series

As a TFOCB Influencer, you have access to host private events at Studio Madison. We're here to help you build influence within your community, to grow your business and make a positive impact in the lives of those around you.


Located in Chicago's West Loop, our 1,700 square foot event and studio space is the starting point for our community. Equipped with full service kitchen, private meeting room and our executive media production suite, it is the perfect setting for connecting influencers to opportunities. 


With ten [10] 4K monitors throughout the studio, sponsor graphics are displayed for guests to engage. With everything on hand to keep your guests comfortable, you can focus on building meaningful relationships. 

Studio Madison | Beige Backdrop

With a capacity of 50 people, Studio Madison provides the ideal backdrop for cultivating meaningful relationships and can be arranged to accommodate any type of event. 

jen coffel launch dinner

You can also host an intimate dinner to create a truly memorable fine-dining experience. We'll handle everything in the kitchen, so you can focus on building your community. 

No event is complete without good food and drinks. That's why we're always stocked with the finest, to ensure there's never a disruption to the flow of your event. 
studio madison - charcuterie

We start off your private event with a charcuterie board made to impress. Complete with all the trimmings, we make sure there's enough for each of your guests. 

studio madison - whiskey

Spirits are a staple at Studio Madison. Our stock includes a collection of Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Bourbon and liqueurs; complemented with our signature ice. 

studio madison - wine

Wine is simply a part of every celebration and sometimes even our podcasts! We'll have decanters, of cabernet sauvignon or a red blend, ready when your guests arrive. 

Creating engaging content to promote your event is crucial to ensure a successful outcome. It's equally important to capitalize on those opportunities to further promote yourself - long after your event has ended. 
The next best thing to inviting your guests in person is to have us produce a video invitation that hits that mark.
Once the last guest leaves, the only memory you'll have is the ones you create. Make it last with our professional photos and video. 
Feel good knowing that your investment directly contributes towards scholarships for students in Chicago's underserved communities. 
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Our mission to impact the lives of the people and businesses who call Chicagoland home begins with a new approach to community.