TFOCB | Amy Valdivia

Posted by TFOCB Podcast on Aug 25, 2020 10:00:00 AM

tfocbpodcast - amy valdivia

Amy Valdivia grew up on the South Side of Chicago to Mexican-born parents. Watching her dad strive to raise three strong, independent daughters inspired Amy to never give up her South Side spirit. After graduating from UIC with dual degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology, she realized life in the police force wasn’t for her.

The Face of Latina Professionals

Taking the knowledge she learned from school and coupling it with her street smarts gained from growing up in a rough neighborhood, she applies her hustle to every thing she does in life. Currently working as a vendor for Christian Dior, Amy’s passionate about meeting and connecting with people wherever she goes.

When she’s not traveling from store to store, she spends time on her real estate investment portfolio. She loves flipping houses and brings in her keen eye for design and detail with every property she works with. Amy preaches that you only live one life and you should never hesitate to do what makes you happy. Somewhere in between being a busy mom and a business woman, she also dedicates time and money to helping alleviate the homeless crisis in Chicago.