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Posted by TFOCB Podcast on 1/12/21 8:00 AM

A Navy veteran and Decatur, IL native, Jack Farrell is a happy family man who is ridiculously driven. After years of winning numerous sales and recruiting awards for his individual personal production and team production as a manager, he decided it was time to launch his own venture. "I've been wanting to start this business since 2014 and whenever I was sitting down just talking to my girlfriend about it, she was like what's stopping you? And I didn't have an answer." 

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Jack recently started QuickRecruit, LLC that specializes in Recruiting and Sourcing for the Mortgage industry. He’s dedicated to finding the right people for the right jobs and making sure it’s a mutually beneficial fit. When he’s not working on building his own business, he focuses his time and energy on supporting organizations that impact the lives of children and veterans. "My third son has autism, so I've done a lot of stuff with Autism Speaks. Also, there's a fantastic organization that I'm going to supporting more and more of, after I get through the building phase of my business, and that's Open Heart Magic." 

Open Heart Magic's Hospital Bedside Magic programs bring laughter, hope and strength to sick children – one-to-one – at their hospital bedsides. Their volunteer Hospital Magicians are trained to work with all kids in a hospital – regardless of their medical conditions or physical abilities – so that every child can benefit from this entertaining and empowering therapy.


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