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Posted by TFOCB Podcast on 5/5/21 8:00 AM

Aldo de Martinez and his family immigrated to the United States from Mexico City, Mexico when he was in elementary school. They settled in Aspen, Colorado finding work in the hospitality industry. Aldo didn’t know a word of English at the time and struggled to assimilate into a new culture and language.

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After a visit to Chicago as an adult, Aldo immediately fell in love and relocated to our great city. He eventually found his way into Real Estate and began sharing what he learned over the years with his clients. At one point, after acquiring ten residential properties, he lost everything after trusting the wrong people. He ended up on the street with his single mom, his sister, and her son without a car or a place to stay.

He only had a suitcase that he inherited after his dad passed away that he didn’t open for ten years. When he finally did, he discovered broken gold that he was able to trade in for $3,200. That money wasn’t much but it was enough for him to bounce back stronger than ever.

Aldo works hard for his clients because he knows first hand what it’s like to lose everything and have to rebuild from the ground up. Furthermore, he knows what it’s like to be Mexican, LGBTQ, and an immigrant in America trying to pave the way for success. He’s still building his empire but it’s safe to say that thus far, he’s found a piece of his own American dream along the way. 



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