TFOCB | Hayden Humphrey

Posted by TFOCB Podcast on 12/7/20 8:00 AM

TFOCB Podcast - Hayden Humphrey

Ohio born turned Chicago resident, Hayden Humphrey describes himself best: a Success Coach and Professional Trainer, out to document and uplift the human experience. Deeply committed to healing his relationship with himself, Hayden takes his own learnings and shares them with others so they can benefit as well. 

He wasn’t always an entrepreneur out to share his wisdom to help others grow better. Hayden spent the beginning of his career acquiring many accolades such as being a part of the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn. After realizing one day that he felt stuck and unsatisfied, he spent time breaking up his own limiting beliefs and took a jump. Now as a professional Coach and Trainer, he is focused on helping others do the same and jump into a life of their own design. 

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Outside of his private coaching practice, he consults with leaders in the personal development and healing industries to uplift their brand authority and thought leadership. When he’s not busy with that, he is working on his own conscious clothing company, Life Apparel, that spreads love and supports mental health by donating 10% of profits to mental health advocacy organizations. 

Hayden takes his passion for helping, healing, and uplifting others and applies it to numerous volunteer opportunities. He gives his time at Bottom Line, Year Up, and 1871 mentoring and teaching young professionals skills like Interviewing, Public Speaking, and LinkedIn for Job Seekers.