Heather Bennett

Posted by TFOCB Podcast on June 28, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Heather Bennett

Many people go through life not truly realizing what makes them happy and how they can turn that into a profession. Heather Bennett knows how that feels and decided to write a book about it based on decades of her own experiences. “Fun and Fulfilling Careers One Question at a Time” (on Amazon) was born from a passion of Heather’s to help people find the work they love so they can in turn give back and make the world a better place. 

A marketing strategist and personal branding coach, Heather is dedicated to helping businesses and professionals use social media marketing to build strong brands for their personal brand and their company’s brands. Her foray into social media came from a long and arduous recovery from ACL knee reconstruction. She used that time to earn her Social Media Specialization from Northwestern University.

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Always a person to take adversity and turn it into opportunity, she decided to leverage her capstone at Northwestern to work on a project that directly helped the nonprofit FHSR (the Foundation for Speech Rehabilitation). It’s an organization near and dear to her heart. They were there for her and her family when her youngest child was identified as DEAF and continue to support them today.

A positive energy wherever she goes, Heather spends her time helping others whether it be with marketing their personal brands or serving on the Board of various nonprofit organizations to help uplift an often overlooked community.