TFOCB | Nsenzi Salasini

Posted by TFOCB Podcast on 7/1/21 8:00 AM

Nsenzi Salasini

Northwest Suburban native Nsenzi Salasini is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. It wasn’t always easy. After graduating from the University of Iowa, he ventured off on his own to start his own business. The first two failed but he didn’t give him. He knew there was a way. Through his hunger and research, he discovered online advertising and began to hone his craft as a digital marketing strategist. That drive and focus led to High Demand Marketing, his digital marketing company that he founded in his mom’s basement. 

the athlete mindset

Since its inception, he has taught over 20,000 entrepreneurs how to leverage online advertising to accelerate their growth. As a millennial and marketer, Nsenzi recognizes the power of social media when it comes to customer acquisition. He wants to empower his clients to garner that power to help them achieve their aspirations. Digital marketing aside, his primary goal is first and foremost to inspire the general public to aim higher and keep chasing the dream they desire.