Raleigh Wilkins

Posted by TFOCB Studios on April 8, 2021 at 8:00 AM

A United States Marine Veteran and Virginia native, Raleigh Wilkins made Chicago his home a number of years ago. In and out of foster care as a youth with little direction, Raleigh found a home in the Marine Corps and along his way, discovered his inner warrior. Now he works with at-risk youth and transitioning military to navigate through life successfully by embracing their own inner warrior. 

The Science of Business Development

In addition to his countless hours of mentorship, Raleigh runs a successful business, Sales Platoon, through which he teaches people the art and science of sales and makes the complex world of business development accessible to a wide audience. Through everything he does, both professionally and personally, Raleigh teaches that there is an untapped potential within us all and that transformational change is possible for anyone.