Sarit Rodriguez

Posted by TFOCB Studios on December 10, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Immigrating from Mexico to Chicago at 13-years-old, Sarit Rodriguez possesses a determination and drive that has laid the foundation for her successes. Her inspiration comes from her mother. A woman who is the eldest of 14 kids and the mother of three daughters, Sarit’s mom has made countless sacrifices in order to see her girls succeed. Her strength not only went unnoticed, but Sarit has embodied the power of the matriarch within herself along her journey.

ReLive Physical Therapy - Committed to Helping

While Sarit received her B.S. in Human Health and Physical Therapy it was a long road to get there. As an immigrant in the United States, Sarit remembers how she had to pay three times the amount as other students to receive her education. Working multiple jobs to afford to go to school, she eventually finished her degree and went on to receive a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a license in Orthopedic Manual Therapy from Illinois. She worked for over a decade in the sports medicine industry all the while developing her own bodywork technique called SapTherapy TMS™. It’s an effective way to relieve chronic pain and body stiffness. She is now the managing partner at SapTherapy Physical Rehab & Wellness.

An active member in the community advocating for the workforce, Sarit wants others to know that you create your own success from within. With her background in sports medicine, she promotes the idea of functional body health wherever she goes. She preaches that when we nurture a healthy body our mind clears to access an infinite amount of opportunities for success.