Michael Reeder

Posted by TFOCB Studios on March 4, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Michael Reeder is passionate about business. A Chicago area native and accounting wiz, he purchased two small CPA firms, merged them into one and became a managing partner at the young age of 28. He went onto become a shareholder a few years later at 32 and built a business franchise consulting firm from the ground up. He is on a mission to provide business advice as much as he can to anyone in his network.

Mind Reboot
As passionate as Michael is about business, he's equally devoted to learning about and incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. Whether it's taking cold showers, meditating, or intermittent fasting; he's committed to make the sometimes difficult choice to optimize his life the best way he knows how. It's paid off for him, too. Within less than one year, Michael managed to lose nearly 80lbs and turn his life around.