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Real Estate Moguls [announcement] Revolutionizing Property Deals [hz]

Discover how "Revolutionizing Property Deals" is changing the game for real estate professionals and investors alike, offering groundbreaking strategies and insights for navigating the modern market. Learn from industry leaders about the innovative approaches reshaping how deals are made and closed.

"Real Estate Moguls" emerges as the quintessential nexus for the real estate industry's brightest minds and most ambitious hearts. Through a rich tapestry of podcasts, articles, and events, "Real Estate Moguls" offers unparalleled insights into the residential and commercial real estate sectors, dedicated to empowering real estate professionals, investors, and enthusiasts.

By helping brokers enhance their sales prowess and facilitating meaningful interactions between buyers and sellers, we're not just shaping the future of real estate; we're defining it.

Real Estate Moguls [guest] Nadiia Glavin [hz]

Nadiia Glavin | Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Moguls [host] Jennie Raymer - Bob Tierney [hz]

Bob Tierney [hosted by] Jennie Raymer

Real Estate Moguls [guest] LaQuan Henley [hz]

LaQuan Henley | Real Estate Broker

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Join the TFOCB Community for our upcoming Happy Hour. It's your opportunity to connect with the good-natured, successful and influential professionals of our community.

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We're excited to meet the Realtors, Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate Attorneys that make up our community. If you'd like to be recognized, apply now!