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We’re not just a media platform; we're a catalyst for innovation, growth, and community empowerment. With over 30 podcasts spanning diverse industries, we bring together the brightest minds, the most forward-thinking professionals and influential voices to share insights, stories and strategies that inspire action and drive change.

Our Community
420 Influencers

Podcasts Produced
31 Unique Shows

Events Produced
6+ per month

Community Followers
2,155,230 Cumulative

Unique Visitors
63,000 Monthly

120,000 Monthly

60% Women 40% Men

Average Member Age

Living in Chicago (city)

Median Income

Owns Home

Dines Out
4.7x per week

Empowering Leaders, Elevating Voices
We’re on a mission to redefine the landscape of professional growth and community engagement. Whether you're looking to gain insights, share your expertise, or connect with industry leaders, TFOCB offers an unparalleled platform to achieve your goals. Together, we'll shape the future of business and community.

Interested in Being Featured?
Discover the power of your voice. Apply now for consideration to be featured on a TFOCB podcast and take your first step towards amplifying your impact.

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Visibility Through Podcasting
Co-hosting opportunities on our podcasts not only amplify your voice, but also position you as a thought leader, leading to increased revenue, opening doors to new opportunities and enhancing your personal and professional brand.
Redefining the Influencer | Event Cover
Unrivaled Networking
Join a community of like-minded professionals, influencers, and industry leaders. Our events, including Happy Hours, holiday parties and masterclasses, provide unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration.
Mind Reboot | Editorial | Mind Matters | Unlock Your Mind [hz]
Exclusive Content
Dive deep into our rich content landscape, from incisive industry analysis to transformative career strategies, all delivered through our suite of podcasts and magazines designed to enlighten and engage.
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Empowerment through Education
Through our Career Mastermind Program, we're committed to uplifting students from diverse backgrounds, offering a platform to hone their skills, embrace their potential and shape their future.

We make it easy for our audience to connect with us by providing them with content that creates a connection.

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Restaurants have "The Michelin Guide." now we have the "Top Influencers Guide." This publication represents the most influential professionals across 12 industries. 

The Face of Chicago Business Lineup of Shows

The ultimate value we provide is to initiate dialogue with others. Our 30+ community hosted podcasts not only become must-see, they identify leaders in our communities. 

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Our Collector's Edition Magazine features the most influential pros in the most illustrious way, keeping us connected and top of mind long after it's published.


The Face of Community & Business is for those who value meaningful relationships and community. It's for those who have overcome obstacles and strive to be better each day. We believe you should be championed and celebrated.