Our mission to add value to the people and businesses who call Chicagoland home begins with a new approach to community. Through our platform and podcasts we're able to feature professionals who exemplify the values we're proud to share with most Chicagoans - hard working, charitable and above all those who value personal relationships.


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The Face of Chicago Business begins with the individual. Our unique approach features only those people we feel represent our city's best, in their professional or personal lives. It's not just for the social elite. It's for the men and women with midwestern values and big city hustle.


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Our eclectic network of professionals means we are able to connect you to a wealth of knowledge, experience, resources and community unlike ever before. By telling each individuals' story, we're able to skip the small talk and connect with one another on a meaningful level.


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The idea of giving back is not a secondary prerogative for us, it's a primary focus. While every statistic proves that companies and brands routinely give back increase their brand awareness, following and even revenue. We simply believe it's our purpose - and yours, too.


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We don't subscribe to the idea of "work-life balance. To us, there's only life. That's why our seminars, workshops and conferences are designed not only for our professional development, but also our mental, emotional physical, spiritual and interpersonal development.


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Every in-person experience is recorded and available online. We also have a lineup of shows from Real Estate to Cannabis and everything in between. Real community starts with dialogue about how we can make a difference by adding value to one another's lives.


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Our mark as leaders in the community will be remembered by the leaders we mentor and prepare today. That's why we aim to connect professionals to students in underserved communities, while providing them with the resources to succeed. 

Join Our Community

We are always excited to meet the people and businesses that make up The Face of Chicago Business. If you think you or someone you know deserves to be recognized, please apply! You'll hear back from us if we think it's a good fit!