Cultivating Community and Opportunity Through Conversation.™

Our mission to impact the lives of the people and businesses who call Chicagoland home begins with a new approach to community. Through our exclusive platform Chicagoland based influencers, who exemplify our city's best qualities, cultivate community through conversations on the shows they host.  Through our program "The Future of Chicago Business," we give back to our most underserved neighbors. 

Our Community
211 Influencers

Podcasts Produced
30 Unique Shows

Events Produced
5 per month

Community Followers
3,427,935 Cumulative

Website Unique Visitors
12,500 Monthly

Website Page Views
37,000 Monthly

60% Women 40% Men

Average Member Age

Living in Chicago (city)

Median Income

Owns Home

Dines Out
4x per week

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The future of Chicago depends on the change we desperately need and are committed to supporting. Our mission is to lead a movement, never before attempted, that positions the business community at the center of solutions to some of our greatest needs. While we claim no expertise, we know that each one of us has within us the power to make a difference. These are the initiatives we're working on; leading to the safer,  more peaceful, world class city that Chicago is destined to be.

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When we invest in our youth, we invest in our future. That's why we're awarding scholarships to our Career Mastermind program that gives students incredible resources and opportunities. 

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Real heroes don't wear capes. They're our selfless leaders who work for non profits, protect our streets, work in hospitals, and teach our kids. The Face of Chicago Business salutes these capeless crusaders with a monthly Hometown Hero Award.

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Neighborhoods where areas were cleaned up experienced a 29% reduction in gun violence, 22% decrease in burglaries, and 30% drop in nuisances like noise complaints. Let's do our part. coming May '22

Giving Back Homeless Program

Chicago winters are cause for concern for the homeless. We're providing cold weather shelter, while encouraging a new life. 


Our unique approach has been tried and tested at the highest level in business and higher education.

As the most successful career program to date at Columbia University [NYC], and designed in part with Harvard University, our unique approach to building community is fueled by producing engaging content with Chicago's most influential professionals - while creating the opportunity to monetize their personal brand. 

Our strategy is the catalyst required to change the narrative of Chicago's most underrepresented neighborhoods; and our own. By adhering to a stringent selection process for those chosen to be a part of our community, we've cultivated a spirit of love for one another. 

This is our formula... 

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The Face of Chicago Business community begins with the individual. Through our podcast, we have a chance to share the stories of hundreds of pros across Chicagoland. Those that make it in our Guide to Chicago's Top Influencers represent the  Top Influencers in their industries.

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The conversations we have on our lineup of shows from Business to Spirituality to Fitness, and everything in between, are the foundation of our community. True relationship begins with those who share similar passions. True change begins with meaningful dialogue between Chicago's leaders. 

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The idea of giving back is not a secondary prerogative for us, it's a primary focus. We simply believe it's our purpose - and yours, too. That's why we host events in which the sole aim is to give back the people who  need it most. The best part is, you don't have to be featured to participate. 

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We don't subscribe to the idea of work-life balance: There's only life. That's why our content and events are designed not only for our professional development, but also our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and interpersonal development.

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Our eclectic network of influencers means we're able to align our brand with a wealth of community, experience and expertise unlike ever before. We skip the small talk and connect with one another on a meaningful level.

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Our mark as leaders in the community will be remembered by the youth we mentor and prepare today. That's why we  provide scholarships, to The Future of Chicago Business, to students in Chicago's most underserved communities.

Influence begins with vulnerability.  Our influencers share their stories of successes, failures, hardships and triumphs. It's real, it's vulnerable and it's the dialogue needed to build meaningful relationships and communities. 


People will always research others when trying to build a relationship with them. We make it easy by providing our audience with content that builds instant trust and likeability with our influencers.

Guide to Chicagos Top Influencers

Restaurants have "The Michelin Guide." now we have The Face of Chicago Business' "Guide to Chicago's Top Professionals." This book represents the top influencers across various industries. 

The Face of Chicago Business Lineup of Shows

The ultimate value we provide is to initiate dialogue with others in our community. Our substance fueled content not only become must-see, it also elevates our influencers to celebrity status.

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Our New Magazine features Chicago's most influential pros in the most illustrious way, keeping our community connected and top of mind long after its published.


Staying social are key to cultivating community built on meaningful relationships. Our monthly events bring us together in the most organic way and are exclusive to our influencers and their communities. 

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We dread forced networking events, which is why we've created a gourmand series that brings top influencers together. They're elegant, yet provide the perfect atmosphere for true connection. With over 30 industries coming together under one platform, we're the most diverse and exclusive community anywhere. 


Our Influencer House, Studio Madison, has  1,700 square feet of event and studio space and can accommodate anywhere up to 100 guests. Equipped with full service kitchen, private event room, state of the art audio + visual technology, plus our executive video production studio, it's the starting point for all things community. 


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, but now more than ever our community needs leaders and influencers to emerge and their collective voices be heard. We are committed to doing our part, in the safest, most health conscious way possible to ensure we stay the course. 


The Face of Chicago Business is exclusively for those who value meaningful relationships and community. It's for those who have overcome adversity and strive to be better each day. We believe those professionals should be championed and celebrated.