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1. A skilled professional, committed to their talent or craft, that adds value to others.

2.  One who embodies the spirit of their community and wishes the best for themselves and their neighbors.

3. An individual with the power to change or affect someone or something. The power to cause change without directly forcing it; or change how someone/something develops, behaves, or thinks.

We're out to redefine what society calls as an "influencer." By Cultivating Community and Opportunity Through Conversation.™ we are paving the way for Chicago to be a better place to live and work. 

With only 50 professionals featured per industry, these are Chicago's top influencers who are leaving a lasting legacy in their communities.

Guide to Chicago's Top Professionals

Set to hit shelves 3/23/23 across Chicagoland, readers can now connect with Chicago's most influential professionals in the most innovative way. 

Guide to Chicago's Top Professionals

Connect with influencers via their QR Code. Not only will you be able access each influencers content, but can also download their Video Business Card™.

Guide to Chicago's Top Influencers

With only the Top 10 and Top 50 professionals featured per city, this comprehensive guide features the most influential professionals across Chicagoland.

Align our talents and purpose, to create a better way of coexisting, starts with connecting with like-minded people.

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As a way to connect Chicagoans both locally and globally, The Chicagoan Podcast is  the starting point for this incredible community. 

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Chicago is the culinary capital, because food is at the heart of community. Our gourmand events are the heart of ours and now you'll be included, too. 

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Created to give underserved students a winning chance, our scholarship program prepares them with what they'll need in their careers and lives. 


We're much more than a platform of Influencer Hosted Podcasts. We're a community of people who truly care about one another and the impact we make in our neighborhoods. 

Apply below for consideration to be featured as a guest on our podcasts.

Real Estate Broker

Zachary Koran

TFOCB Studios -  
16 January 2023
Zach Koran joins us on The Face of Community & Business Podcast to discuss the start of his business, Dwellish, which partners with landlords to design, stage, and host Airbnb ...

Alicia Dale

TFOCB Studios -  
9 January 2023
On this episode of the Face of Community & Business Podcast, Alicia Dale discusses her childhood growing up in the Brighton Park neighborhood of Chicago to her career in ...
Title Company

Imran Khan

TFOCB Studios -  
2 January 2023
In this episode of the Face of Community and Business podcast, Imran Khan shares his personal journey and motivation to succeed in order to help others. “I've been on a deep ...