Kendra Thomas

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jun 29, 2022 8:00:00 AM

It’s common for people to seek out therapy when they’re unhappy with life or feeling stuck. Not too many seek out coaching. On this episode of the Coaches’ Corner, Life and Health Coach Kendra Thomas talks about how transformative working with a coach can be.

Coaches Corner | Episode | Kendra Thomas

Kendra first became a coach about 12 years ago in Corporate America for a coaching organization focused primarily on self-development and professional development. It was around this time that she started to identify what her life’s mission would be. 

“I was really looking at some of the different things that I was encountering when I was coaching some of these individuals from a professional standpoint. I began to find that there was a lot of unhealed trauma, a lot of unresolved issues that people were facing.

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And so the reason why they weren't able to show up and do their best at their places of employment or in their current roles is because they hadn't healed from things that had happened in their childhood.”

Putting in the work to dig deep and understand what things you need to do to evolve and grow is never easy. Kendra talks about how at times it’s been difficult when she’s coaching and developing. “It takes a lot of things. It takes a lot of time and you have to hang in there because again, someone is not going to always get the message that you're trying to deliver to them the very first time.”

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Dedicating all of your time to helping others become the best version of themselves can take a toll. Kendra shares how she used to be the type of person who never turned their phone off, making sure she answered every email and took every call. 

“I had to unplug and I had to learn how to create things in my life to feed my soul. So if I'm not coaching, developing, and doing different things of that nature, I read tons of books, I'm looking at different podcasts. I'm just learning more about my craft, but then also taking time to spend with my family.”

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Tune in to this episode of the Coaches’ Corner Podcast and hear more of Kendra’s advice on finding the right coach, how you can identify if you have trauma you haven’t healed from yet, and more. 

As Kendra puts it, wholeness is being able to say “I've healed, I'm healthy. I'm focusing on the things that matter.”