Alejandro Franco's Journey: Sushi, Passion, & Resilience

Posted by Jennie Raymer on Oct 27, 2023 8:00:00 AM

When you tune into an episode of "devHour", you expect captivating stories. But when Jennie Raymer hosted Alejandro Franco, the tale was not only compelling but also deeply relatable.

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The world of sushi, as seen through Alejandro's eyes, is not just about a culinary art but is a reflection of life's journey, filled with choices, passions, and reflections. The essence of this episode wasn't just sushi, but the choices we make in life and how we respond to the challenges thrown our way.

Alejandro shared a deeply personal story of an ex-partner who couldn’t see the future in his love for sushi. "That person believed that this had no future", Alejandro said, recalling those days of self-doubt. Jennie, with her graceful approach, dug deeper, making us ponder - how often do we let others' fears shape our choices?

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Yet, Alejandro's story is one of resilience. "When I stop making sushi for a week, I feel like I want to make sushi even for free," he confessed. This isn't just a profession for him. It's a passion. His words remind us of the power of consistency. As Alejandro stated, “Consistency beats talent”. It’s a lesson for you - in life, in passions, in dreams. You don’t always have to be the best, but being consistent can make all the difference.

Throughout the discussion, Jennie played a pivotal role. She didn’t just guide the conversation but explored Alejandro’s emotions and the deeper message he held. Her questions didn't merely scratch the surface. They dived into Alejandro's philosophy, making "devHour" more than just another podcast.

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But what's the takeaway for you? The episode is a reminder that everyone has their own journey. As Alejandro put it, "Even if you learn 100 percent from me, you're going to have your own touch". Whether it's sushi or another passion, the essence is to find your own touch, your own uniqueness. And sometimes, to move forward, "you have to step back", as Alejandro beautifully put it.

The true magic of this episode lies in its relatability. Be it Alejandro's love for sushi, his belief in consistency, or his journey of self-discovery, there's something for everyone. When Alejandro speaks of how he interprets sushi, "This piece of tuna will taste better in the way that I believe," it makes you wonder - what's your version of sushi? What's that one thing you believe in so deeply that naysayers can't waver your faith?

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Next time you're about to give up on a passion or feel swayed by someone else’s viewpoint, remember Alejandro’s journey. And remember Jennie’s insightful questions that helped unravel such wisdom. Let it inspire you to stay true to yourself, to be consistent in your pursuits, and to always find your unique touch in everything you do.

To delve more into Alejandro's world, check out his website, If sushi is an art, Alejandro is its passionate artist, with a story that'll inspire you to find your own path and passion.


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