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Posted by TFOCB Studios on Aug 19, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Andis Combi, CEO of Comandis Group Company talks about the launch of his new real estate company. Comprised of four different entities, Comandis Group is focused on everything technology and real estate.

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Andis has spent years in the real estate industry as a developer, a flipper, and an investor but only got licensed himself recently kicking off his entrance into the brokerage side of things. He shares that his main motivation to create a brand that is “cooler than what’s out there” was his disappointment with what other brands were doing. 

“I was a little disappointed with what other brands were doing, and I wanted to not be associated with something that didn't fit our group and our team of individuals at our current companies.”

He discusses the importance of branding and cultivating everything that the business touches to support that image. Comandis Group has taken the approach of cultivating their own brand while supporting and encouraging their agents to market themselves instead, providing them with as many tools, coaching, and leads as they can.  

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The agents are at the center of everything Andis and his company do. He explains their decision to remain a private, family-owned business so that they can stay independent and provide their agents with something that other brands have lacked. 

Furthermore, they chat through the challenges that come with starting something new. For Andis, one of the biggest challenges has been perfectionism. 

“We don't want to just give our employees and our agents any piece of software or any piece of technology that is great to have, but they're not going to ultimately use it.”

Tune in as Andis talks about the world of building a real estate brand from the ground up and how to master the game of business. As Andis puts it, “business is a chess game. It's not checkers. You have to be patient and make the right moves.”


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