Octavio Duran

Posted by TFOCB Studios on January 19, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Bouncing back and forth between Chicago and Mexico until he was eight-years-old, Octavio Duran grew up with parents who worked as hard as they could to give him opportunities for a better life. Not one to take that for granted, Octavio seized those opportunities and has risen through the ranks to become a very successful personal-injury attorney owning his own practice. After having been named a Rising Star by SuperLawyers for the last five years and receiving multiple awards, he now serves as the President of the Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association.

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Giving back to his community in the best way he can is toward the top of Octavio’s priority list. In his spare time he donates to the Northside Latin Progress (a non profit representing Latino day-laborers) and volunteers through the Chicago Bar Association by donating gifts to elementary students, setting up wills for seniors and first responders, and raising money for legal aid.

He wants people to take inspiration from his own life and the struggles he’s been through. And most importantly, he strives to share knowledge to people in his community about their rights and what to do if they are even injured.