Jen Coffel w/ Louie Sharp

Posted by Jen Coffel on Mar 16, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Jen Coffel, CEO of Engaging Speakers and a Six Figure Coach, sits down with Louie Sharp who shares keen insight on how to be an effective public speaker and business owner.

Louie, a Marine veteran, is a habitual entrepreneur. He started his first official business (of many), Sharp Auto Body at 23, selling a few along the way. One of the biggest turning points for Louie as a business owner was hiring his employees. He thinks most people don't put enough value in hiring the right people, but by hiring people you can trust, you learn the skill of letting go. Jen perfectly sums up this sentiment by sharing a favorite quote of hers "Team is to time, what cash is to capital."

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The duo further discuss what Jen calls "core genius." It's the two or three things a business owner is an expert on that will make them the most money the fastest. Louie expands on his own discovery that he was spending too much of his time outside of his "core genius." As good of a 'body man' as he was, the day he closed his tool box and focused purely on being a businessman was a turning point for him. He realized his genius lie in creating and executing the business itself. 


Jen CoffelJen Coffel is the CEO of Engaging Speakers, a successful business coach, a philanthropist, and a best-selling author of four books. She has been featured on, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune. Jen has been mentored by speaking icons like Jack Canfield, Nick Vujicic, and Sandra Yancey, and has spoken on stage to over 10,000 people. With two decades of business experience, Jen built her first four businesses to six-figures each, all in under a year and all in different industries. She has now helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses, with many reaching six-figure and seven-figure revenues. Jen has an innovative and down to earth speaking style audiences love. Her speaking topics include: “5 Secrets to Transform Your Business Into a $100k Profit Center" and “Leveraging Speaking to Get All the Clients You Want in Half the Time.”

In her previous career, she developed the largest team in Illinois for a billion-dollar direct sales company, personally generating over $25 million in sales and raising over $1 million in donations for nonprofits. But she is most proud of founding her own international nonprofit, Handing Hope, which brings comfort and smiles to children battling cancer in twelve states and three countries around the world. Jen resides outside of Chicago with her four incredible teenagers: Madison, Luke and Lindsey (twins), Abby, and of course the family dog “Raider.” She stays active between speaking engagements by spending time in nature with her family, reading every book she can get her hands on, and serving in her faith-based ministry, “Beautifully Transparent.”