Unmasking the Craft: Kevin Wade's Authenticity in Acting

Posted by TFOCB Studios on December 27, 2023 8:00:00 AM CST

In the latest episode of The EVOKED Podcast,, Kevin Wade shared a compelling narrative that transcends the boundaries of acting and delves into the art of authentic living. Born in Illinois, raised in London, and imbued with a Creole heritage, Wade's story is a tapestry of diverse cultural experiences, shaping not just his identity but also his approach to his craft.

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Wade's journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness. He emphasized, "That I am a melting pot of everything. Mostly Creole. 

Creole is a mixture of every mix and pot, French all, just everything." This realization of his multifaceted identity has been a cornerstone in his acting career.

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The Identity School of Acting, where Wade honed his skills, ingrained in him a philosophy that extends beyond the stage. "Playing a character is one thing, but bringing yourself to the job is another thing," he reflects. This idea is not just an acting technique; it's a life lesson about embracing and understanding oneself.

Wade's narrative is not devoid of challenges. He discussed the intricacies of navigating emotional landscapes in acting, highlighting the importance of distinguishing one's identity from the characters portrayed.

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His insights reveal a profound understanding of emotional resilience, a skill vital not just on screen, but in the theater of life.

A poignant moment in the podcast was Wade’s reflection on his late father, a sobering reminder of life's impermanence and the power of perspective. His father's life, marked by sobriety achievements and love, left an indelible mark on Wade, fueling his passion and resilience.

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Wade's story is a beacon of inspiration, urging us to delve into our heritage, embrace our multifaceted identities, and harness them in our professional and personal lives. 

His journey underscores the importance of self-discovery and authenticity, serving as a reminder that our unique experiences shape not just who we are, but how we engage with the world.



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