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We've been asked to separate our spiritual beliefs from our work or even public lives. For those on a spiritual journey, it becomes increasingly challenging as we seek a deeper meaning. Together we'll have the tough conversations that help us uncover our truth. If you'd like to share your spiritual journey on our podcast and connect with others like you, please apply... we'd love to meet you! 


Faith at the Forefront of Entrepreneurship: David Thimmesch's Journey

Modern Spirituality -  
11 December 2023
In a deeply personal and inspiring episode of Modern Spirituality, David Thimmesch, founder of a marketing company, shares his journey of intertwining faith and entrepreneurship. ...

Francine Poole & Felicia Wilson: Unveiling Modern Spirituality

Francine Poole -  
1 November 2023
In a world where the lines between spirituality and daily life often blur, Francine Poole's latest podcast episode of Modern Spirituality is more than just a conversation; it's a ...
Jesus Christ Faith

Exploring Wisdom with Mariana Uribe

Estefanía Galvan -  
18 October 2023
If you've been searching for an infusion of wisdom and knowledge that resonates deeply, Estefanía Galván's recent episode on the Modern Spirituality Podcast may just be your ...
modern spirituality - book club

As books are recommended, we'll add them to our book club reading list and vote on which  titles we'll read as part of our community. Over the course of thirty days, we'll read one book and discuss it throughout the month on our podcast and at our events. 

modern spirituality - prayer requests

We all pray for different reasons, at different times and to our belief in an omnipotent being. Regardless of our reasons, it is something that universally unites us - especially in our time of need. Send your requests in to be prayed for through our community and on our podcast. 

modern spirituality - local small groups

Equally important to expanding our intellectual understanding of spirituality is staying close to those who are on the same journey. We'll give you the tools to make meeting regularly easy. 

modern spirituality - virtual small groups

We're not always going to be able to be physically present, but that doesn't mean we should participate. Our resources will provide ways for you to join the conversation, no matter where you are. 

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