Angela Cox

Posted by The Legal Network on Nov 26, 2021 8:00:00 AM

On this first episode of the Executive Placement Podcast Angela Cox shares how she's making the workplace a better environment to work through kindness. 

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What started out as a conversation between her and her business partner about being more deliberate with “random acts of kindness” quickly evolved into entire program called “The Three Kindnesses.” 

“The tenets are three kindnesses. It's based on safety, empathy and diversity. We’re trying to help workplaces, especially teams in crisis, teams having conflict, by trying to help people find safety, cultivate empathy, and honor diversity.”

The Modern Spirituality Podcast

Angela shares her story of going from a College English Professor to moving into the “business of learning,” as she calls it, working in the corporate learning space. She explains that while the golden rule is great and a foundational piece to what they do, she and her business partner created the “Platinum Rule”: treating others how they want to be treated. 

“That requires that we stop and engage and see people and see what's meaningful to them.”

Join the conversation as Angela explores people’s “needs, speeds, and creeds”, their personality types (introversion vs extroversion) and dive into people’s neuro-diversities and how that translates. At the core of the entire conversation is the fundamental value of treating others with the utmost kindness at all times.  

As Angela puts it, “Our vision is to get leaders to understand that if you want everyone to thrive, you may have to create some niche environments. You may have to allow for some people to work in a different way than others.”