What Do You Believe?

Posted by Myra Nimchaiyong on Aug 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Our first episode of the Modern Spirituality Podcast is a special one. TFOCB Influencer, Myra Nimchaiyong sits down with her friends Kimberly Buss, Lindsay Miller, and Andy Gaston to talk about what spirituality means to each of them; specifically what each believes.

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Myra starts off the discussion by indicating all three of her guests have played such an instrumental part in her own spiritual journey the last couple of years.

Kim kicks it off sharing how her spiritual journey started and how tied it was to her move from Alabama to Chicago at the age of 13.

“From an early age, I realized God has a plan for you. And you can sit here and you can pray for the things that you want to happen. But at the end of the day, I think God knows what is, God knows what's best for you. He knows what's best for you more than, you know, what's best for you.

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Coming from the opposite end of the spectrum, Lindsay shares her story of not growing up with religion or faith at all and the near-death and life changing moment she found God. 

“I think everybody has to start somewhere, especially for those of us that haven't really been exposed to it.”

Andy talks about growing up as an altar boy reading the Bible every night and how that curiosity evolved beyond the Bible to other spiritual texts. 

Together, these four delve deep not only into their own journeys and what spirituality means to them but also how that translates to each other. All coming from different backgrounds and religions, they come together to see how those different experiences fit within each other.



Myra Nimchaiyong Immigrating from Thailand to Chicago in order to further their schooling, Myra Nimchaiyong’s parents always stressed to her that true freedom of mind and body comes mainly from education. In keeping with her upbringing, Myra has been determined to improve her real estate skills at every step of the way.

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