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The Face of Community & Business is an exclusive collective; a place where you find your tribe. Every level of involvement in our ecosystem opens doors to immense growth, rich connections, and unmatched exposure. Dive in, and be part of something unique that's shaping the future of networking, content creation, and business.

Membership Levels | Podcast Guest

Dive into TFOCB's influential ecosystem as an featured podcast guest. Get invited to share your inspirational story on one of our 30+ podcasts and experience firsthand the vibrant synergy and positive energy that comes from being a part of our thriving network. Lead with your story and become an integral part of our vibrant community.

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Elevate your personal and professional horizons with our Socialite Membership. Engage in transformative experiences, foster genuine friendships, and enjoy a plethora of member-exclusive perks. Join the crème de la crème of Chicagoland's professionals and unlock unparalleled opportunities to grow and connect.

Membership Levels | Content Creator

Emerge as a voice of influence with TFOCB's Content Creator Membership. Host podcasts, produce vlogs, and amplify your content across multiple platforms, all while being backed by a premier production team. Gain illustrious features in our Collector's Edition Magazine, elevate your brand, and tap into new realms of exposure and opportunities

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Nestled in Chicago's West Loop, Studio Madison is more than just a space. It's an influencer house, a hub of creativity, and the birthplace of inspiration. Every corner tells a story – from intimate events that leave lasting impressions to the production of our engaging podcasts. Studio Madison is the sanctuary where our community comes alive, where voices are amplified, and where collaborations are born.


Becoming a TFOCB member is more than just joining a group; it’s embarking on a transformative journey. A journey where opportunities are endless, relationships genuine, and growth is a given.