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Posted by TFOCB Studios on Aug 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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Meg Tange has been working since she was in high school. As a country club bartender, in Wisconsin her senior year, she decided to continue the hospitality gig throughout college eventually finding herself in Chicago bartending the wedding scene. She quickly fell in love not only with Chicago, and it’s big city neighborhood, but with the event scene itself. 

Meg knew early on that she loved talking to everyone and anyone she could and how perfectly that fit in the hospitality industry. Working at a restaurant she would talk to every table and eventually made connections that helped her land a job The Peninsula in downtown Chicago. 

Her first role there was as a conference concierge and it helped shape the person and professional she has gone on to become. Eventually she moved on to running the events herself not only at the Peninsula but at other hotels as well. 

Then COVID hit and Meg, like many others in the hospitality industry, were left at rock bottom trying to figure out where she would go from there. Luckily, a former colleague of hers reminded Meg that he had been encouraging her to go into real estate for years. Two days later she signed up for school and jumped into the deep end of real estate. 

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Everything she learned from hospitality lended itself for her to pivot in her career and move into the real estate industry. Working events she learned how every person is unique in their wants and needs much like every event itself is tailored for the individual. 

“in real estate, every homebuyer or home seller is different and it’s finding out exactly what you need from me as your real estate agent so that I can make that experience the most beneficial for you and what you’re looking for.” 

Tune in and listen as Meg shares her career transition and what words of wisdom from Shark Tank help her get over self-doubt when it comes creeping in.


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