J. Frausto's Inspiring Journey from Quarantine Sewing to Fashion Stylist

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jun 4, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In the latest episode of Style Interpreted Podcast, we had the pleasure of diving deep into the vibrant world of fashion with the talented stylist, J. Frausto. J’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, as it encompasses resilience, self-discovery, and an unwavering passion for fashion that began in an unexpected place—an Aldi store.

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Originally from Brighton Park in Chicago, J’s path to becoming a renowned stylist wasn’t straightforward. In fact, J didn’t even consider fashion as a career until the post-pandemic era. “I really discovered my queer identity back in college,” J shares, reminiscing about attending a conference that ignited a spark of inspiration. Surrounded by masculine-presenting individuals who looked amazing, J felt a profound sense of belonging and started to embrace a more masculine style.

Fast forward to the quarantine days, J found an unexpected mentor in J’s grandmother, a former seamstress. “I was showing her all my outfits, and she suggested we get a small sewing machine from Aldi,” J recalls. The quarantine period turned into a crash course in sewing and styling, even though both J and grandma had their impatient moments. Despite the challenges, J’s passion for fashion grew stronger, fueled by the creative challenges on Instagram and collaborations with other fashion enthusiasts.

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One pivotal moment was connecting with Faye DeLanty, who became a daily source of encouragement and inspiration. “Before then, I didn’t know I could style anything based on a theme,” J admits. Through these collaborations, J learned the intricacies of fashion history, how to create mood boards, and the art of styling different genres. It was a journey of continuous learning, where every interaction within the fashion community helped J grow.

Finding a community that was not only accepting but also encouraging was a game-changer. J expresses immense gratitude for this supportive network, saying, “We want to see each other grow, win, and just be ourselves in a happy, safe space.” This sense of community has been crucial, especially when navigating spaces where one might not always feel completely safe or accepted.

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J’s fashion journey also intertwines deeply with personal history and heritage. Growing up playing baseball and living in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, J’s style was initially influenced by sports attire and family traditions. The transition to fashion was as much about embracing a new identity as it was about honoring past influences. J’s collections often reflect this blend, incorporating elements that celebrate both Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage, such as the Day of the Dead-inspired collection dedicated to J’s late mother.

Every piece in J’s collection tells a story, not just of personal evolution but also of cultural pride. “It’s a way to keep those memories alive and those happy moments,” J explains. The emotional depth behind each creation makes J’s work not just fashion, but a celebration of life and legacy.


J’s advice to those still seeking their true selves? “Feel all the feelings,” J advises, emphasizing the importance of experiencing every emotion fully and using those feelings as a creative outlet. J’s story is a testament to the power of authenticity, community, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passion.

In essence, J Frausto’s journey from quarantine creativity to becoming a celebrated stylist is a beacon of inspiration for anyone on the path of self-discovery. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected beginnings can lead to the most extraordinary destinations.