Marijka Muñoz on Embracing Diversity and Balance in Modeling

Posted by TFOCB Studios on May 24, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In this episode of Style Interpreted, we delve into the inspiring journey of Marijka Muñoz, a model and advocate for diversity in the fashion industry. Marijka's story is one of resilience, adaptation, and a steadfast commitment to her values. Originally from the Philippines, Marijka moved to the United States at the age of sixteen, bringing with her a rich cultural background and a unique perspective on life and career.

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Marijka's transition to life in America was made smoother by her early exposure to American media. "The Philippines was colonized by the U.S., and growing up, I was exposed to a lot of American media, English songs, and the like," she shared. This immersion in American culture helped her adapt quickly when she moved to the U.S. However, she acknowledges that immigration is never without its challenges, citing homesickness and cultural shocks as significant hurdles.

A significant part of Marijka's adaptability stems from her varied life experiences. Having lived in Germany as well, she has learned to embrace change and let go of things when necessary. "I've always been really good at adapting. That's why sometimes I'm a little detached as a person, not in a bad way, but it's just easy for me to let go of things because all my life, that's what I've done," she explained.

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Marijka's foray into modeling was influenced by her mother, who was also a model and beauty pageant participant. Despite her initial shyness, Marijka found her confidence and style, eventually embracing the path she once admired from afar. Her approach to modeling is pragmatic; she sees it as a job that she can balance with her other interests and responsibilities. "Modeling is a job at the end of the day. I show up, do what's expected of me, and maintain my private side too," she said.

Balancing a full-time job in finance with her modeling career, Marijka exemplifies the art of juggling multiple roles. Her dedication to these different facets of her life keeps her fulfilled and motivated. "I have different segments of my life that are fulfilling. My nine-to-five in finance is very fulfilling and lucrative, and I fulfill my creative side with modeling and community projects," she shared.

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Marijka's vision for her modeling career is aligned with her values. She aims to work with brands that promote model inclusivity and diversity. "If I can be a part of more communities and brands that have the same value system as me, that's what my hope is for my modeling career," she said. Her commitment to her values extends to her advice for aspiring models. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and not compromising one's morals for short-term gains.

The fashion industry can be demanding and stressful, but Marijka navigates it with a sense of peace and balance. She credits her 500-hour yoga teacher training for shaping her philosophy on life and work. "There was a point in my life where I was very yogi, and I think that understanding of harmony and balance has been very important to me," she explained.


Marijka also highlights the importance of community and mentorship. She encourages aspiring models to find a community or a mentor to guide them. "I would absolutely encourage being part of a community, finding maybe a model mentor, or just a model friend that can help guide you," she advised.

For Marijka, self-care is multifaceted. She engages in various practices, from gratitude journaling to taking long walks with her dogs, to maintain her mental and physical health. "Self-care can look different at different times. It could be cooking, trying a new skill, or listening to a wellness podcast. The end goal is the same," she said.

Marijka’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and staying true to one's values. Her journey in the modeling world, coupled with her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity, offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to balance multiple facets of their life while remaining authentic.