Carmen Urban

Posted by TFOCB Studios on August 26, 2021 at 8:00 AM

A proud military brat, Carmen Urban lived in several places growing up before returning to the Chicago area. The baby of the family by at least 15 years, Carmen and her siblings came from humble beginnings and learned the value of hard work and determination.  Identified as a gifted child by the age of 5, Carmen was invited to attended the number one Magnet school in the state of IL - Decatur Classical. Faced with setbacks in her family home life, after loosing her father, Carmen began to struggle in her high school years. Once told by her guidance counselor that she "Would never make it to college," Carmen Graduated from Temple University with a degree in Business Management, spending part of her time studying abroad in Rome, Italy.” 

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This did not come easy without financial struggles for Carmen. She had to take a semester off and work hard in order to afford the remainder of her college years. Not letting this stop her or bring her down, she quickly created a strategy. The thought of not graduating on time with the rest of her classmates barely crossed her mind, because for Carmen, there was no alternative. Putting her nose to the grind, she graduated on time and with honors. 

After college, she found her groove for the first 10 years of her career in the financial industry as a licensed investment consultant, compliance officer, and investigator at the Chicago Board of Trade. Once she and her husband started their family, Carmen stepped down from that role and started her own pageant company: Midwest Natural Pageants. She traveled around the Midwest providing a stage for children to gain confidence, naturally showcasing their talents in front of large groups. 

It wasn’t until she went through the process of buying her own home that she fell in love with Real Estate and knew that’s where she had to be. Carmen services the Chicagoland area and beyond. She’s a member of the Saint Charles Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the board as Secretary for Women’s Council of Realtors. More than anything, she wants her clients to know that she’s a woman of her word. She delivers on her promises and takes pride in the quality of service she provides. Once you’re her client, you are her family for life. 


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