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Latinas sit proudly atop the shoulders of trailblazers like Frida Kahlo, Sonia Sotomayor, Dr. Antonia Novello and many others, learning from those that came before to propel our community forward. Over the last decade, Latinas have surpassed all other communities in education, business, and technology. Now is the time for a unified community to propel women of color into positions of leadership throughout the world. Now is the time for The Face of Latina Professionals.

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Beyond networking with other like-minded Latinas, our mission is to change the lives and hearts of black and brown communities, not only in Chicago, but globally. Each of our events will honor those living that purpose out through their involvement in the community and also award  Latina students with "The Future of Chicago Business" scholarship. 
Despite our economic and social impact, Latinas are still drastically underrepresented in leadership, government and the arts. By sharing the stories of Latina Professionals, recognizing the leaders among our community and paving the way for future Latinas, we reclaim the narrative for Latinas globally. 
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It is important to honor Latina Leaders creating opportunities for other women in our community. Nominate one today! 

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Before we're vulnerable enough, we must believe our story is worth sharing. It's crucial if we're to become the women we aspire to be!

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100% of all event ticket sales contribute directly to The Future of Chicago Business Scholarship Fund for qualifying Latina students.

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The Face of Chicago Business champions those who value relationships, respect the hustle and above all - give back to their communities.