Christine Gerling

Posted by TFOCB Studios on June 9, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Christine Gerling is a health coach focused on leading people to their optimal health that lasts a lifetime. After struggling with her weight all of her life and finding herself merely surviving, Christine eventually found Optavia that helped her transform her habits for lifelong success. She went from feeling hopeless that it was impossible to change her trajectory in life but has now gone from the mom on the couch to the mom on the run and more importantly from merely surviving her life to truly thriving.

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While she saw such great success personally and professionally after becoming a coach for Optavia herself, the real test came when her husband suffered a mental breakdown. A nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic facing both stress of the job and paralyzing fear of the disease left him spiraling. Christine locked into the habit tools she used in coaching to help the person she loved most. Her husband did drop 70 pounds but it wasn’t until he dove into the head and heart work that his health transformation truly reached his mentality. Through this experience, Christine learned so much about the many depths of health that are possible when people decide they are ready for a change. 

Christine today leads a team of coaches that have helped over 400 people smash their health goals. They teach others that it’s not about the number on the scale but the true transformation of their habits, mental health, and overall life. When she’s not helping others live their best life or wrangling her little boys, she spends her time in her Church community leading a small group of women growing in their leadership. 



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