Odell Mitchell III

Posted by Odell Mitchell III on December 27, 2021 at 8:00 AM

On this episode of The Face of Chicago Business Podcast, Odell Mitchell sits down with us and tells his story of growing up in the Illinois suburbs of St. Louis to an Entertainment Attorney in Chicago.

Odell grew up in a family that was creatively focused. His father was a photographer for the  St. Louis Post Dispatch, his sister went to Columbia College in Chicago to study music, while his mom has always been into dancing, painting, singing, etc. For Odell, it didn’t hit him until he was a teenager. At that point, he went on to study music business in college and became an artist himself. This laid the groundwork for his success as an Entertainment Attorney protecting his clients. 

“I'm the one who has the passion to make sure these things are done right and in the service of people's values so that it's still enjoyable, but also something that people see, etc. It is very much a place of advocacy and protection, both of the arts and the people who are proponents of them.”

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Odell shares his experience of being an entrepreneur and gives insight into what has helped him on his journey:

“​​One of the things that I often talk to people about in my work and just in general, is being able to move in a way that is connected to your values. That's one of the things that really helps drive an entrepreneurial experience. If you know why you're moving in a certain direction or why you're drawn to things or why you're repelled by things, then it's not reactive.”

Tune into this episode to hear more of Odell’s wisdom and about his experiences on this episode of The Face of Chicago Business Podcast.


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