Shannon Sutton

Posted by Shannon Sutton on July 19, 2021 at 8:00 AM

Shannon Sutton, a real estate broker at Baird & Warner, not only was a finalist for Chicago Agent Magazine’s Rookie of the Year 2019, she’s a current member of her company’s Chairman's Club. Impressive as her numbers are in only two short years, Shannon is the first to tell you that it took a lot of tough self-work to get here. 

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Several years ago, she found herself stuck in a job that made her unhappy while simultaneously struggling through a difficult break up. After finally turning to a therapist and spending a few years working on herself, Shannon got to a place where she felt brave and whole enough to leave her job, travel for two months, and dive into the next chapter: real estate. 

Going through a rebirth into a new life, Shannon found a way to marry her passion for design with her newfound hunger for growing her real estate business. She consults with her clients as they search for and customize a home, designs her own marketing materials, and curates her social media presence. 

Shannon brings her love for helping others find the comfort and security of their own homes to her work with Habitat for Humanity. She volunteers at their West Pullman site. With this new life she’s building, the message she wants to encourage others to do is to challenge their own self-perceptions and let go of the things that aren’t feeding them anymore.


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