Consistency is the Key

Posted by Francine Poole on Dec 15, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Francine Poole of The Face of Chicago Business sits down with friend and colleague, LaShondra Harmon, also known as “Financial Mommy,” to talk about redefining ‘wealth.’

wealth redefined Francine Poole with LaShundra Harmon

These two ladies get into a candid conversation about how so often we have a misconception as a society that those with nice things are the ‘chosen people.’ We don’t look at the struggles and the hustle that came before the material wealth. They unpack how in reality, wealth comes from health, the right frame of mind, and being driven. 

LaShondra recounts her own obstacles and shares on of her biggest demons; second guessing herself.

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“It’s our mental clarity. A lot of times that can slow us down because we get afraid and we're worried.”

One of the key components these two discuss is once you have an idea and write it down, stay quiet and do. “A lot of people every time you see them, they’re saying: oh, I got this going on.

a safe haven

Most of the time, those people really have nothing going on because they're not executing what they have in their mind.”

The conversation goes deeper than the surface of redefining wealth as Francine explores her own childhood trauma of racism and lack of confidence. As she astutely puts it, “A lot of times the person that we are when we start this entrepreneurship journey stems from something that's happened in our childhood and people need to go and deal with that before you decide to take on this entrepreneurship journey, because if you don't, it's going to come out.”

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Join these two phenomenal ladies as they each share their own tips and advice on what it means to have true wealth and how to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of by starting with taking care of yourself.



Francine PooleGrowing up in Evergreen Park, IL in the 70’s, Francine Poole’s daily life consisted of racial discrimination. She often found herself fighting boys at her school who tried to make it difficult for her to receive an education. 

Flash forward to today and Francine now owns and is the CEO of a business in the same town that discriminated against her during her youth. She has her company, Empire Property Management Solutions, and is a Licensed Real Estate Broker working on opening up her own brokerage this year.

When she’s not working on either of those things, she is the Private Receiver for the City of Chicago Department of Buildings, Vitality coach for Women Entrepreneurs on Social Media, and is the Chairperson and Founder of the Non Profit, The Giving Hands Organization Inc. The latter helps women with workforce readiness, resume preparation, and clothes for job interviews . That doesn’t include the laundry list of certifications she holds and her recent appointment as a West Pullman neighborhood representative of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®’ Diversity committee, “the 77.”

After going through a lifetime of her own struggles and obstacles, through everything she does, Francine wants to help others with their plans in entrepreneurship.