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Posted by TFOCB Studios on May 31, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Matt Wilhelmi is CEO and Sr. Consultant at Strategic Voyages Business Consultants; providing outsourced CFO services to companies focused on growth. He joins us at the roundtable to share his voyage into building his company and the lessons learned along the way. 

CEO Roundtable | Guest Episode | Matt Wilhelmi

The author of “Taboo Business Questions,” Matt breaks down his strategic approach to identifying the root cause of each of his clients’ unique situations, to provide a customized solution for them. 

Which as he points out, can be confusing for a business owner to do on their own, depending on who they ask.

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“There's a lot of businesses that are at that breaking point where they know they need some advice. They're scared of hiring a full-time CFO and they don't know what to do. So, they go to their bank. Sometimes, they’ll talk to their loan officer or their banker. Maybe, they'll go to their CPA or their accountant, and they're getting all kinds of financial advice. It's very conflictual.

The advice from the bank is almost always different from the advice of the CPA. They speak these different languages. So, with my background, working at Chase and US bank, and then in small business, I've been able to translate that into words and terms a business owner can understand.”

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Having worked as consultant, before starting his own company and seized the opportunity to learn of the problems and questions common to most businesses and business owners.Yet Matt continues to pursue knowledge through reading and encourages his clients to do the same. 

“It's that kind of mindset of continual learning and continual growth and being able to think about your business as something that is a project that you're working on. To improve instead of just showing up every day, and punching the clock, and making some money, and paying your people and going home.

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It's that mindset of how can I improve this? How can I bring more people into it to help it grow to something that I'm actually proud of showing other people?”

Beyond mindset, Matt shares how being honest of your skills as a CEO is crucial to the success of a business. Tune in to hear more on Matt’s story and to hear tips that could help you take your business to new heights.



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