Ricardo Regalado | CEO of Route and CVO of Rozalado Services

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Sep 5, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Ricardo Regalado is the CEO of Route and CVO of Rozalado Services. In this episode, Ricardo, a serial entrepreneur, talks to us about his business, from a small franchise to building his own successful brand in a multi-billion dollar industry. 

CEO Roundtable | Guest Episode | Ricardo Regalado

One of Ricardo’s biggest catalysts to success has been learning every aspect of the cleaning industry.  He has done everything firsthand, from cleaning, inspections, and follow-ups, which has allowed him to understand his customer's needs perfectly.

“That tactic of doing everything first to this day holds to any employee that comes in. You may not go clean for as long as we did, but you have to provide the service. How can you take over, book a business for us or train that new employee if you've never done it yourself?”

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Having started the cleaning business with his girlfriend (now wife) and his cousin Tony, Ricardo believes in sharing your business ideas, fears, and concerns with others.

“It's lonely when you come up with an idea, and nobody else is with you. You can go crazy, that idea can shutter, and you can get upset. It's all mindset, right? Your mindset works better when you have somebody else in that passenger seat with you.”

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We all do better when we do things together. For any successful business, you have to grow a team, talent search, train them for success, outline the milestones they have to hit, and, most importantly, be clear on the job description.

“That job description they're going to hold to it. You shouldn't assume that they're just going to do anything that you asked them to do. Let them know about the dynamics in the office. We failed to make an organizational chart, and I didn't realize that that was an important piece. A new employee coming in should know who to report to. I hate to say, stay in your lane, but if you don't, you can ruffle feathers, and the business dynamic will go wacky.”

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Tune into the episode to listen to Ricardo share his story, his entrepreneurship tactics, and how he has built a successful business in the cleaning industry.



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