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Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jun 14, 2022 8:00:00 AM

While going to college, Sara Stone wanted nothing more than to “be a girl behind the cosmetic counter.” Now the CEO and Founder of Activate Your Impact, she shares how she went from student teaching, to working for some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, to starting a company that’s committed to selling safe products.

CEO Roundtable | Episode | Sara Stone
With news coverage and documentaries like “Not So Pretty” on HBO Max, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the toxins found in almost all cosmetic products. Sara, being one of those consumers, sought a better solution and started a business in the process. As she pointed out, it’s about trusting the products we use.

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“I think the one thing that we want when we go shopping is to know that what we're buying is safe, not only for ourselves, but our family and our friends and the people we love around us.

We take for granted thinking that we're going to pick something off the shelf and that product is going to be good for us, it's going to be safe and it's going to promise what it delivers on that label. However, unfortunately in cosmetics, not everything is regulated and there's no basic safety testing done on these products.”

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Knowing that there are  ingredients that have been shown to cause infertility issues and even cancers, Sara’s increasing concern for her and her clients’ safety, led her to question the industry she faithfully served for sixteen years. 

Taking her passion for helping and educating others, Sara and her business partner agreed to pursue their purpose and passion, and turn it into a company. Community being part of their core values, Sara and her business partner have worked to create a space for others to pursue their purpose and passions. Though focused on building a brand around a line of skincare products, Activate Your Impact continues to offer other products from other brands that adhere to the same values and commitment to provide safe and clean products. 

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“We're going to provide our consumer clinical, cruelty-free, clean, effective products that are going to be safe. We're also going to give people in the community, who love cosmetics, an opportunity to sell and be a part of this process as well. And mentor them if they want to go out and be entrepreneurs.”

Tune in to hear more about Sara’s story and how she’s building a brand during a time of incredible change for the beauty industry and beyond. 



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