The Alined Podcast

Beyond the idea of making our clients look and even feel their best; Stylists, Barbers, Makeup Artists and Health + Wellness professionals have an opportunity to come together to create an aligned community of bad ass individuals who go beyond hair and beauty. There's an energy that drew us to this industry; that bonds us not only in our professionals lives, but also in our personal lives. We'll talk about family, life, business, meditation, relationships and the challenges we each experience. 

tfocb podcast kaitlin armon

Kaitlin Armon is on a mission to empower the salon industry. A Chicago suburb native, she's the Salon Manager for Salon 1800 in Lincoln Park. As Co-Host of The Alined Podcast Series, Kaitlin hopes to connect with the top hair and beauty professionals to propel the industry to new heights. 

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Each episode will feature different stylists, barbers, makeup artists and health + wellness professionals; each offering a unique look into every salon, barbershop and spa and the communities we serve. Real people. Real conversations. 

Alined Barber Community

We are actively on the lookout for Barbers who want to Co-Host this unique podcast series. Real influencers who are passionate about their craft and community alike. 

Alined MUA Community

Makeup Art is at the core of our video production. It's important for not only women, but for men also to understand the crucial role makeup can play in their personal brand development. 

Alined Spa Community

Just as important as the way we look when step out into the public view, is the self care behind feeling our best. We'll talk to experts who help us stay our best at work and home. 

Join Our Community

We're excited to meet the Barbers, Stylists and Makeup Artists that make up The Face of Chicago Business. If you think you  deserve to be recognized, apply now!